Why Choose Us

Why not choose us?

With so much to offer, you’ll wonder why you didn’t join The Landlords’ Club sooner.

Your Bottom Line is All We Care About

We understand what it’s like to have a property vacant, or tenants who make unreasonable maintenance requests. We promise to do all we can to minimize vacancy and handle maintenance issues with your bottom line at the forefront of our mind.

We take our job of managing your incoming rent very seriously and monitor rent arrears on a daily basis. If a payment is late, we contact the tenant straight away and insist the payment be made immediately. We also insist that tenants are paid up to two weeks rent in advance to give you further protection against late rental payments.

Your Asset Deserves Some TLC

We’ll look after your rental property like it’s our own – it’s the only way we know how. Our business relies on new Landlord members joining the Club because they’ve heard about us from existing members. We really believe that the success of our business rests with our existing Landlords. And we’re determined to look after you and your property really really well.

It may make us a bit boring, but the residential tenancy legislation is our favourite reading material. From this, we have developed procedures and processes to ensure your asset is taken care of, to the letter of the law.

You can be assured that

  • All marketing of your property will highlight its best features so as to attract the right tenant;
  • Your tenant will have passed a rigorous selection process before they are recommended as suitable;
  • A comprehensive Inventory and Condition Report will be prepared to ensure that there is a thorough and accurate record of the condition of the property – this will be used as a benchmark for property inspections;
  • The maximum number of inspections allowable will be conducted to ensure your asset is being maintained properly; and
  • Our dedicated Property Managers will deal with any maintenance issues promptly, with a common-sense approach.

You’re The Boss

We’ll get back to you right away. Whilst our property managers spend a lot of time out of the office at your investment properties, we’re committed to being available whenever you need us. If you have a query about your next rent payment or proposed rent increase, just give us a call. If we’re out, please leave a message and we’ll call you back as soon as we can.

We’ll always discuss things with you first, unless you give us authority to handle minor things on your behalf. We don’t want to bother you with minor maintenance matters (if you don’t want to be bothered), but we don’t want to leave you in the dark either – it’s completely up to you as to how we take care of your property. After all, we work for you.

If you want us to pay your rates, body corporate or water & sewerage bills to streamline your accounting – no problem, just get in touch with us today to let us know how we can make things easier for you.